At S&S Auto Electrical we specialise in repairs and maintenance for trucks and earth moving equipment. We offer a wide range of custom services including but not limited to the following:


S & S

Electrical Equipment Repair

Vehicle Electrical Systems

Air Conditioning Service

Heating System Service

Generator Repair

DC Motor Repair

Motor and Mechanical Rebuilds


S & S

Starter / Alternator Repairs

Compressor Repairs

Safety Inspections

Battery Replacement

Custom AC Hoses

Welding Service

Preventative Maintenance Programs

working-on-equipmentS&S provides all labour and project management for our repair work.  We can even refer you to third party providers when your job requires additional expertise we cannot provide.

We bring all our own tools and machinery to work on your vehicles or equipment. We come equipped with popular parts and accessories, including the ability to manufacture our own hoses.


Ongoing Maintenance Programs from S&S

A day or two lost in the middle of a big project can cost you thousands of dollars.

Save the headaches and time lost of a break down in the middle of a job by signing up for our ongoing maintenance program.


We come out and evaluate your equipment and set up a preventative maintenance program where we inspect your equipment on a seasonal basis to look for wear and tear that may cause a break down. We’ll then advise you of any trouble spots and you can approve and arrange a down period where were we can inspect and repair wiring and components so save future breakdowns and downtime.

This system is of special importance if you have specialised equipment that requires imported parts that may take multiple days or weeks to arrive.